Sienna Miller Says Broadway Boss Cursed at Her Over Pay Dispute


  • Sienna Miller was told to “fuck off” by a “powerful” Broadway producer during salary negotiations.
  • She told British Vogue she was “offered less than half” of what her male costar was being paid.
  • Miller refused to name the production but has only starred in “Cabaret” and “After Miss Julie.”

Sienna Miller said that she was told “fuck off” by an “extremely powerful” producer when she asked for the same pay as her male costar for a Broadway production.

In an interview with British Vogue, Miller recalled an incident several years ago in which she was rebuffed during salary negotiations after discovering that she was being offered “less than half” of what the show’s leading man was going to earn per week.

She said: “I said to the producer, who was extremely powerful, it’s not about money — it’s about fairness and respect, thinking they’d come back and say, ‘Of course, of course.’ But they didn’t. They just said, ‘Well fuck off then.'”

The “Anatomy of a Scandal” actor chose not to name the production, which she went on to star in despite the pay dispute, as she didn’t “want to be mean.” However, the actor has only starred in two Broadway shows: “After Miss Julie” (2009), and “Cabaret” (2014).

Miller described the interaction as a “pivotal moment” in her career, despite initially feeling “terrible about myself and embarrassed.”

“I realized I had every right to be equally subsidized for the work that I would have done,” she explained.

It ultimately led her to push for better compensation on other projects, including the 2019 police drama “21 Bridges,” which she starred in alongside Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman, who was also a producer for the film, ended up reallocating some of his own salary to Miller after she was told her requested fee could not be met on the Russo Brothers production.

Chadwick Boseman and Sienna Miller

In 2019, Chadwick Boseman reallocated some of his “21 Bridges” salary to Miller.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

“‘What you did was extraordinary and meant the world,” Miller recalled telling the late “Black Panther”star following his generous gesture, which she first made public in an interview with Empire magazine in 2020.

“He came up to me when we wrapped and said, ‘You got paid what you deserved.'”

Miller isn’t the only female star who has been vocal about pay discrepancies in Hollywood recently.

Earlier this year, “Jurassic World” star Bryce Dallas Howard told Insider’s Junior Entertainment Reporter Ayomikun Adekaiyero that she was paid “so much less” than her costar Chris Pratt.

Although reports initially indicated that the two had quite a sizable pay gap, Howard explained that the reports were wrong and that she was paid even less than the speculated figure. However, Pratt pushed for her to receive better compensation for other franchise opportunities that were not already contractually binding.

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo told Variety in 2019 that she almost quit the show after hearing that her costar Patrick Dempsey was being paid almost twice what she was when the show started.

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