Surprising Things About 20-Hour Amtrak Ride, Chicago to New York

Amtrak’s coach seats were extremely comfortable and reminded me of the first-class seats I’ve seen on airplanes.

amtrak seat

The Amtrak seats were large and made of leather.

Jenny Silber

I’ve never flown first class before, but every time I’ve walked onto a plane and shuffled past people drinking champagne in spacious leather seats, I couldn’t help but feel jealous. 

On my Amtrak trip, the coach seats looked like those coveted, seemingly unattainable first-class plane seats. There was enough legroom for a person twice my size, and the chairs even had a leg rest. Plus, they reclined almost all the way.

Traveling 20 hours is daunting, regardless of which mode of transportation you take, but Amtrak’s seats made the ride as pleasant as possible.

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