Vocabulary and pronunciation coaching – Job Interviews

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767. Amber & Paul within the Podcastle

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05. How Do You Say It? Featuring Rasoul – Pronunciation by Toktam (transcribed)

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763. Rambling within the new Pod-Room / Choose The Adverb / Deal or No Deal

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Oscar 2022 – Learn English With the Nominated Movies

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French and Italian LUXURY BRANDS Pronunciation Comparison! (English, French, Italian, German)

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EnglishMeeting Learning Portal

This video shows aspects of the EnglishMeeting learning portal.


★★★★★ Set0030 of English Dictionary Words-Spelling Meaning ..between Cedilla and Cern

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How to pronounce FULL | FULL Learn English and British Pronunciation

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How to achieve your JOB INTERVIEW: Situational Questions

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