Taking Amtrak Coast Starlight Through California for $40, Worth It


I didn’t try the food from the café car, but I don’t think I missed anything.

cafe car in amtrak train

I didn’t buy any food from the café and didn’t have access to the dining car.

Anna Haines

There was a café on the lower level that offered sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and a couple of hot items, like microwaveable pizza. I saw someone pass by with one of the pizzas, and it didn’t look like anything to write home about. 

The meals in the dining car, however, did look appetizing. I peeped in and saw spacious booths that could seat up to four adults. 

The menu was much more appealing, with a range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Passengers could choose between omelettes, burgers, and pastas.

Unfortunately, the dining service was only available to those with reservations in the sleeping car.

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