tech channels, platform and developer developments 2022 – what ought to i study or put money into?


what tech should you learn in 2022? what are the current tech and developer and platform trends for 2022? what languages and frameworks should you learn in 2022? should i learn rust, typescript? should i learn react, angular, vue, svelte? what mobile stacks should i invest in? where is ai going? will edge be a thing? what do digital platforms of the future look like? what about graphql and api’s.

in this video chris explores what technologies he thinks is important over the next year and why.

00:00 – intro
00:43 – web programming languages
04:49 – web frameworks
11:00 – mobile languages and frameworks
14:00 – low code / no code
17:15 – vr/ar
19:11 – digital avatars
24:58 – digital twins
26:13 – the edge and edge workers
28:51 – api’s and graphql
31:01 – low code api’s
32:37 – marketing orchestration
38:00 – digital platforms


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