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Teen Reportedly Jumps From Car After Lyft Driver Made Her Feel Uneasy


  • A teen jumped out of a moving car after she said her Lyft driver made her feel uncomfortable.
  • Eziya Bowden said the driver made inappropriate comments and sprayed something inside the car.
  • “If I’m riding with a stranger, I’m always nervous, but I knew this it was different,” Bowden said.

A North Carolina teen said she jumped out of a moving car last week after her Lyft driver allegedly made her feel “very scared” and uncomfortable, according to local news. 

Eziya Bowden, 17, told WTVD that she started to feel uneasy when her Lyft driver, who was not identified, started to make inappropriate comments about her appearance and suggested that he would date her if she were older.  Bowden also alleged that the driver kept spraying something inside the vehicle and rolled the windows up throughout the ride.

“If I’m riding with a stranger, I’m always nervous, but I knew this it was different,” Bowden told the outlet. “I knew that I wasn’t going crazy or anything, I knew that my body has never felt like that before. I’ve seen a lot of this so I knew I was feeling drugged.”

She continued, “I was very scared, but then again I was more so like I’d rather get out this car than fall asleep in a car with this man I don’t really know,” per the outlet. 

As the driver allegedly refused to let her out of her car, Bowden said that she started to cry and scream before hopping out, WRAL reported. The outlet reported that the next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries on her face and legs.

Lyft did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment but told the news station that “the behavior described is deeply concerning.”

“We’ve been in touch with the rider’s family to offer our support, have removed the driver’s access to the Lyft platform, and stand ready to assist law enforcement with any investigation,” the statement continued, WRAL reported.

Per WTVD, Bowden received a refund from the company, and local police said that no charges were filed against the driver. 

“It doesn’t really bring peace to me at all,” she told the outlet. 


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