The 7 most cringeworthy moments of 'Love Is Blind' season 3, so far


Zanab and Cole.
Zanab and Cole.

  • From fake tears to potty talk, there have already been plenty of awkward moments on "Love Is Blind" season three. 
  • Zanab and Cole's constant bickering was uncomfortable to watch.
  • And Bartise told his fiancé that another woman he dated in the pods was "hot as shit." 
Andrew talked about "sexual kung fu" on episode one, and Nancy looked a little uncomfortable.

Andrew on "Love Is Blind" episode one.
Andrew on episode one of "Love Is Blind" season three.

In the first episode of the season, Andrew Liu talked to Nancy Rodriguez about what he called "sexual kung fu" for men, which he said he'd been taught by a previous, older lover.

He told Nancy that he was able to have "mini orgasms" without ejaculating, which is the definition of too much information. Maybe not for a lover he is completely committed to, but it's definitely TMI for America, and probably too much for someone he'd just met days ago.

To make matters worse, he told Nancy he thought she needed a sex "teacher," which is presumptuous.

Raven exercised while Bartise was baring his soul.

Raven on episode two.
Raven on episode two of "Love Is Blind" season three.

On episode two, Bartise Bowden was telling Raven Ross a sad childhood story about the beginning of the end of his parents' marriage. He made it clear to her that he was being emotionally vulnerable and opening up to her and had never told the story to anyone before.

Awkwardly, Raven appeared more focused on burning calories while Bartise was opening up. She was doing crunches and jumping jacks throughout the story and appeared to barely be listening while Bartise got audibly emotional on the other side of the wall. 

Bartise made the situation even more difficult to watch by calling her out on her behavior in a joking way, and Raven was clearly surprised that he could hear her exercising through the wall.

Bartise later ended his relationship with Raven by abruptly telling her he had a "burning desire" to be with Nancy.

Raven on "Love Is Blind" episode two.
Raven on episode two of "Love Is Blind" season three.

Episode two was a rough one for Bartise and Raven. After the awkward exercise moment, we saw Bartise break up with her in the worst way. 

He set the breakup scene for her by presumably asking producers to put fake stripper money in her pod — a reference to an earlier conversation where he mistakenly thought she was trying to tell him she worked as an exotic dancer. He then proceeded to break up with Raven by telling her he had a "burning desire" to be with Nancy instead. There was nothing funny about the moment, it was just weird.

Then, he went back to the men's living quarters and told Sikiru "SK" Alagbada, who later wound up engaged to Raven, and Andrew, who was also seriously dating Nancy, that he wanted to be with Nancy. Too much info, Bartise.

The producers documented Andrew appearing to use fake teardrops to make it look like he was crying over Nancy's rejection.

Andrew using fake tears.
Andrew on episode three of "Love Is Blind" season three.

Nancy dumped Andrew on episode three after he proposed to her, and in his confessional interview about the moment, he appeared to use fake teardrops to make it look like he was more distraught about it than he might've been.

"Are you rolling?" he asked a producer. When they said yes, he got fake teardrops out of his pocket and asked the person if they minded if he used them. 

They said if his eyes were hurting, he could, making it clear that they were not making him fake anything. 

After he used the fake tears, he said, "Just a little bit," with a smirk. 

There's no other way to describe the moment except cringey.

Bartise and Nancy talked about clogged toilets while having an intimate moment in the tub.

Nancy on "Love Is Blind" episode three.
Nancy on episode three of "Love Is Blind" season three.

During their post-proposal getaway, Bartise and Nancy took a bath together.

Instead of being a sexy, romantic moment for them, the conversation turned to bathroom talk. 

Nancy asked Bartise if he had ever unclogged a toilet, and then proceeded to tell him about a time when she was at a friend's house and worried her "dookie" wouldn't flush. 

Bartise, who she had just met in person, was clearly not into the topic of conversation, and neither were we, but Nancy didn't seem to register that.

Zanab and Cole fought over semantics (and pretty much anything else a person could pick a fight over).

Zanab and Cole on episode four.
Zanab and Cole on episode four of "Love Is Blind" season three.

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey had a very rough start to their in-person relationship. 

On episode four, Zanab expressed feeling some tension with Cole because of the way he acted the morning after they had sex for the first time in Malibu.

Soon after that, they recorded themselves having a fight about the difference in meaning between the words "good" and "great." Cole had said he had a "good" night, and Zanab appeared to want him to say it was "great."

It's absolutely ridiculous and awkward to watch. There didn't appear to be any "like" between them, let alone love.

Bartise could not stop talking about how Raven is a "smokeshow" and even told Nancy, his fiancé, that Raven is "hot as shit."

Bartise on "Love Is Blind" episode four.
Bartise on episode four of "Love Is Blind" season three.

During the Malibu getaways, Bartise was meant to be deepening his connection with Nancy, his fiancé. But he got very sidetracked after he met his former love interest, Raven, in person. 

"Raven's a baddie. Raven's 100 percent a smokeshow," he told cameras. 

He appeared to get drunk that night in part because he could not deal with how hot she was. 

Later that night, while alone in their room, Bartise rambled to Nancy about how he didn't think SK and Raven were going to last.

When she said she was "good" with her choice to be with him, he told her he felt the "opposite." 

"I loved seeing Raven for the first time. Raven's like the typical girl that I would go after in the real world," he said. 

He called Raven "hot as shit" directly to his fiancé, and she did not look pleased at all, though we can't blame her.

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