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What else we tested

Five of the mattresses we tested are stacked up in two piles for the best hybrid mattress guide in 2022.

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We’ve tested dozens of mattresses over the years, and there are none that we outright don’t recommend. Every mattress we’ve tested could potentially be a good fit for the right individual. However, here are a few that missed the cut for our guide but are worth considering.

What else we recommend and why

Under $1,000

Nest Bedding Robin Flippable Hybrid: Formerly known as the “Flip Double-Sided Hybrid,” this affordable bed is unique in that you can flip it. One side has a medium firmness, and the other is firmer. The medium side is the best budget option for side sleepers since our budget pick is best for back and stomach sleepers. I was impressed with the excellent edge support, how easy it is to move around, and that it’s made of CertiPUR-US foam. The most significant negative was the poor motion isolation. 

Bear Original: The Bear Original does a good job of cooling, is made in the US of CertiPUR-US certified foams, has great edge support, and is easy to set up and move around. However, it’s on the firmer side, so it was uncomfortable for side sleeping. Also, the motion isolation was poor, so it may not be the ideal option for couples.

Nectar Memory Foam: There’s a lot to like about Nectar’s flagship mattress. It just wasn’t the best in any specific category. I like that you can try it risk-free with a 365-night trial, and if you keep it, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. I found it was softer than average, which was comfortable for my side sleeping. It also has great heat dissipation, excellent motion isolation, and average edge support. However, I would be hesitant to recommend it for back and stomach sleepers because it’s so soft.

Allswell Supreme Hybrid: This is one of the best mattresses you will find under $1,000. It features a combination of copper and graphite gel-infused memory foam and pocket coils, which give it a medium firmness that will appeal to many different types of sleepers. The edge support is great, but it sleeps hot and is quite heavy. Also, it’s only available online and not in showrooms.

Under $2,000

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid: This was our top overall pick at one time. We love how comfortable it feels side sleeping, and it comes with an impressive 365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.  Plus, it performed well in all of the tests we put it through, including staying cool. However, it may be too soft for stomach and back sleepers. 

Avocado Green: Every environmental organization certifying mattresses seems to have certified the Avocado Green Mattress. It’s made of organic cotton, wool, and latex and has pocket springs for durability and support. In our tests, it dissipated heat very well. However, the edge support was just so-so. Still, this is a worthy latex substitute if the more affordable Birch isn’t available.

Bear Pro: Despite feeling a little softer than average, I was comfortable on my stomach and side while sleeping on the Bear Pro, and I think its all-foam construction will appeal to all sleeping types. The copper-infused foam, gel-infused foam, and breathable Celliant cover give the bed impressive heat dissipation. The main negatives are it offers poor edge support, and it’s a bit pricey for an all-foam mattress. Read our full review. 

Casper Original: The Casper Original was our previous pick for the best all-foam mattress, and we still recommend it. We like the Casper Original because it works well for a wide array of sleeping styles, is made of eco-friendly materials, has excellent heat dissipation, and exhibits great motion dampening. However, it does not have good edge support. Read our full review.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Hybrid: The Sedona Hybrid is a luxury mattress made of CertiPUR-US certified foams and up to 1,000 coils. You can test it out for 120 nights risk-free. I liked how hassle-free the unboxing was and how the mattress has handles for easy movability. The average firmness should appeal to a broad audience, but I just could not get comfortable no matter what position I was in. While the heat dissipation and edge support are average, the mattress failed my motion transfer tests every time.

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid: Amerisleep offers five mattresses, AS1 through AS5, each with a specific benefit. I’ve tested the AS3, the company’s best-selling bed, but I much prefer its softer, luxury mattress, the AS5. Due to its soft feel, it’s an outstanding solution for anyone who likes softer beds. Since it sleeps hot, people who get too cold at night may prefer this mattress. Also, it has poor edge support and failed my motion isolation tests, so it’s better suited for people who sleep alone. Overall, though, I like how it cradled my body.

Over $2,000

Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX: This is Beautyrest’s most luxurious mattress featuring two layers of coils with targeted zoned support to keep your spinal aligned. It comes in two firmness levels: firm and plush. I slept on the plush and found it worked well for my side-sleeping. This is a thick mattress (15 inches), so you’ll need deep-pocketed sheets. I tested the bed in the summer and often awoke sweating, so it may not be ideal for hot sleepers. At this price point, I’d buy the Sleep Number 360 i8 instead.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3: I’ve tested the original Purple Mattress and the three hybrid models, and the Hybrid Premier 3 provided the best cushioning, pressure relief, and support for side sleeping. It also stayed cool. Purple’s unique grid system responds instantly to your body, which takes a little getting used to.

Serta Arctic Mattress: The Serta Arctic is a luxury mattress designed to keep you cool using several layers of gel memory foam and individually wrapped coils, but the heat dissipation properties were just average in my tests. I tested the medium hybrid model, but it’s also available in plush soft. The medium hybrid was firm: I’d give it a 7. I wouldn’t recommend it for side sleepers. But with its good motion isolation and edge support, I think it would be a great option for couples who sleep on their stomachs or backs.

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress: The Saatva Solaire has a built-in air pump controlled by a corded controller that allows you to pick from 50 firmness options for your ideal comfort level. I found it worked great, but the motion isolation left a lot to be desired. Plus, you can’t find the mattress in showrooms to test it out before buying. Fortunately, there’s a 120-night home trial period. Read our full review.

Intellibed Matrix Grand: The Intellibed Matrix Grand is the height of luxury and features seven layers of high-quality materials, including two gel layers that flex to provide localized pressure relief and help align the spine. However, at 196 pounds, it’s the heaviest mattress I’ve tested, and at 17 inches thick, it’s hard to find fitted sheets that are deep enough to stay on the bed. I didn’t find it exceptionally comfortable no matter what position I was in, the motion isolation is poor, and the return policy has questionable stipulations.

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