The new world of NFTs on the BSV Blockchain | CG New York


A panel of experts discussed the future of NFTs on the #BSVBlockchain space at the recently held #CGNewYork. Panelists include Eric Bernhard, General Manager of Fabriik Digital Objects; Rory MacDonald, Mixed Martial Artist, Professional Fighters League; Shawn Ryan, Co-Founder and CEO of SmartLedger; and Victor Tang, CTO of NiftyCo. Over the course of the discussion, the panelists emphasized the importance of creating a platform for digital assets.

Bernhard spoke about Fabriik NFT marketplace and the importance of its curation element. “With FabriikX, the goal is to create an expertly curated marketplace and it’s very different to a place like OpenSea where anybody can list an NFT,” he said.

Tang discussed his goal of providing a platform for digital assets that represent high-value artworks, and MacDonald explained why he chose the BSV blockchain for his first NFT artwork. “I have been very watchful of the market and learning about blockchain, and I felt like the best place to put it was the BSV blockchain because of the low fees and the security of it,” he said.


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