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‘the Walking Dead’ Cast Shares What They Took Home, Stole From Set


Callan McAuliffe kept a seagull feather after an unexpected accident on set.

Callan McAuliffe is seen with a spear on the season 10 premiere.

Gene Page/AMC

McAuliffe thought he was going to take home Alden’s original weapon on the show one day, which he named Flamingo since it kind of resembled one.

Instead, he wound up with a feather after filming a beach scene on Jekyll Island in Georgia that never made it onto “TWD.”

“It was never in the show. There’s a scene where I throw a spear… It would go off camera and we wanted it to stick into the ground where they would then, I think, put a zombie digitally in there,” McAuliffe said of what should have been a typical day on set.

McAuliffe continued: “We used the real metal spear so that it flew correctly through the air. It just so happened that there was a seagull during one of the takes that was struck by the spear and pinned to the ground by the wing. It dislodged a feather from the wing of the seagull and so I still have that feather. I accidentally pinned the bird in the ground.”

McAuliffe said they noticed it wasn’t flying after it was freed, so they took it nearby to be looked after.

“It was kind of like limping on its wing. We took it to the Jekyll Island conservation center. Apparently, it made a full recovery,” he said.


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