Tour Derek Jeter’s Lake-Side Castle in New York That Is Headed to Auction


The gorgeous property is in Greenwood Lake, New York, roughly 45 miles northwest of Yankee Stadium.

Jeter home 2

The stone home — known as Tiedemann Castle — comes complete with fountains and gardens around the outside.

Jeter house 14

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There’s a replica of the Statue of Liberty, too.

Jeter home 26

It’s a beautiful place to take a nice walk …

Jeter house 11

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… or sit and watch boats pull into the marina.

Jeter house 10

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The house’s grandest feature — a multistory turret — sits alongside the river.

Jeter home 4

It looks even more impressive up close.

Jeter house 7

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Although the walk to the top seems like a serious trek …

Jeter house 9

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… the view from the top is definitely worth it.

Jeter house 8

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In total, the property boasts nearly 700 feet of shoreline.

Jeter home 28

So it makes sense that many of the rooms in the home have gorgeous views of the water.

Jeter home 29

The grand entryway features wooden archways, a winding staircase, and a piano.

Jeter home 6

This kitchen — in the main house — is one of the five kitchens spread throughout the two-parcel property.

Jeter home 8

And there are plenty of cozy dens in the main house.

Jeter home 9

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