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Travel video about destination Trakai in Lithuania,
In the Middle Ages when the Grand Dukes ruled, the ancient capital of Trakai was the political centre of power of Lithuania. Small, colourful traditional wooden buildings line Karaimu Gatve and the descendants of the first Karaer still live there. The gabled buildings face the street and contain three small windows, one for God, one for Vytautas and one for the inhabitants themselves. In 1409, following his third baptism, the church was founded by Duke Vytautas and became a part of the protective system of the Trakaer city. Both its facades and interior decoration contain features of the later Gothic and Baroque construction. The construction of the Water Castle began with the erection of a palace and a deep ditch that contained water from the lake separated the palace from the promontory. At the same time casemates and towers were built and a wall with three towers on each corner surrounded the promontory. The main entrance to the castle was only accessible via a drawbridge and an additional portcullis provided further protection. Within the former treasury are objects that belonged to the Teutonic knights. Indeed, it was Duke Vytautas who made an alliance with the Teutonic Order and thus came to power in 1390. Magnificently crafted jugs, plates and cups of gold, highlight the wealth and power of Lithuania’s royal court. This beautifully preserved castle complex with its unique architecture of stone and wood has a national significance for Lithuania: it is a symbol of the courageous steadfastness of the Lithuanians against the Crusaders!

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