Truth Behind Abdication Poll Revealed


  • The first episode of “The Crown” season five shows the Queen falling out of favor with the public.
  • She learns of a poll in a British newspaper that suggests the UK would prefer Charles to be king.
  • In reality, the results of the poll largely pro-monarchy and in favor of the Queen.

Season five of “The Crown,” which follows the British royal family throughout the 1990s, premiered on Netflix on Wednesday.

The first episode, titled “Queen Victoria Syndrome,” shows Queen Elizabeth II — who died in September at the age of 96 — coming to terms with the fact that she is starting to fall out of favor with the British public. 

Her faltering popularity is neatly parallelled with her beloved yacht, Britannia, which after so many years of service, is in desperate need of repairs. While she argues for its necessity, her views are not shared by everyone — especially the public, who don’t believe that their tax money should be spent on such extravagance. 

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