Trying Nomad Lounge at Disney World for $118, Mostly Worth It

Next, we received the Tiffins bread service.

Pieces of bread and three dips in a metal bowl next to the bread

The Tiffins bread service came with different kinds of bread and spreads.

Megan duBois

Our first small plate to be delivered was the $12 signature bread service, which is also served at the adjoining signature dining restaurant, Tiffins. 

The bread service came stacked in two-tiered bowls that we took apart at the table. The top-tier bowl contained three types of bread, including one piece that was flat and cracker-like, a slice that reminded me of naan, and a portion of brown bread. The lower-tier bowl contained three different spreads, which included red-pepper hummus, a spicy coriander-yogurt dip, and a tangy ginger-pear chutney.

We enjoyed mixing and matching the bread slices and spreads to see what fun combinations we could make.

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