Visiting ‘Bachelor’ Theme Coffee Shop, Worth It Even Though Not a Fan


Haibon led trivia night and I even got a selfie.

the writer and a guy from the bachelor selfie

My selfie with Jared Haibon.

Sarah DiMuro

I watched Haibon get set up to lead trivia night, deliver food to customers, prepare drinks, and chat with patrons. 

Right at 8 p.m., he took his place on a stool in front of the counter and guided the audience through trivia questions. It was a blast even though I failed miserably. 

After everyone cleared out, including Iaconetti and their son who popped in to join some of the fun, I introduced myself to Haibon and asked about Audrey’s. 

“I love coffee. I love to bartend. The combination of the two seemed like a perfect recipe for me,” Haibon, who has a background in hospitality, said. 

 “We really wanted to create a friendly/cozy environment, like ‘Cheers,’ a place where everyone knew your name,” he added. 


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