Want a lower grocery bill? Check out these tips as a recession looms


Frozen vegetables add heft and nutrition to myriad dishes.

We keep hearing a recession is looming.

As you think about cutting costs to prepare, one area to consider is your grocery bill — especially after rising food prices through 2022.  

To start, learn to think about ingredients differently. And consider the grocery store geography. Visit areas you might not frequent, such as the frozen section, and make inexpensive staples regulars on your grocery list.

With a little creativity and culinary guidance, you can take simple ingredients to great meals, all while saving some dough — cash, not the flour-based kind.

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1. Look for frozen foods

The frozen section can serve grocery shoppers well while they look to save. Plenty of good options live in the frozen aisle — and they last a long time, too, pushing your dollar even further.

Frozen vegetables

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond told USA TODAY if you’re trying to pinch pennies, to purchase frozen vegetables over fresh.

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