We Tested the Ultra-Soft, Unisex Loungewear


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  • Jambys is a popular new startup that makes pajamas and loungewear in unisex sizes.
  • The materials are as soft as your favorite old T-shirt, yet stretchy and durable like top-quality performance gear.
  • We tested Jambys loungewear and shared thoughts, sizing tips, and photos, below.

A few years ago, the idea of spending a lot of money on clothes you’d never wear outside of your home seemed absurd, but today, loungewear is one of the fastest-growing clothing categories. 

Jambys, a new startup you’ve probably seen on Instagram that makes unisex loungewear, has become one of my go-tos at home. As you might have guessed from the name, Jambys are pajama-inspired, with styles that include boxer-like shorts, oversized shirts and sweatshirts, and thin joggers. Its styles come in a ton of colors and even some fun patterns.

By combining the design of pajama-esque loungewear with the quality and construction of athleticwear, Jambys has achieved an unmatched level of comfort, meaning we basically never want to take them off. 

Jambys’ comfort and sustainability 

The key to Jambys’ comfort is the Modal material. In addition to being super soft, it’s also more sustainable than cotton. Modal is a plant-based material made from the fibers of beechwood trees, which require less water to grow than cotton. The Modal fabric is then mixed with a bit of Spandex for extra comfort and knitted into an unbelievably soft French terry. 

Amir’s review of Jambys

Amir wearing Jambys loungewear.

Lounging in my Jambys.

Amir Ismael/Insider

My first impression of all of the Jambys products I tested was how soft they were. Before I tried them on, I immediately knew they would be incredibly comfortable — and I wasn’t disappointed. Initially, I thought Jambys calling its gear “performance inactivewear” was just smart marketing, but it actually is the perfect way to describe the clothes. 

Both the JamTee and Long Jambys have the stretch and feel of sportswear, but are cut in more relaxed fits perfect for lounging. Think of them as your favorite compression tee or jogger pants, but softer and oversized for comfort.

I’ve tested dozens of T-shirts over the years and one of my personal favorites for lounging, the Brooklinen Prospect Tee, is 50% modal and 50% cotton. At 95% modal and 5% spandex, the JamTee is the only loungewear T-shirt that I’ve tested so far that outshines it in comfort and softness.

The Long Jambys are made with the same blend of materials, and are just as comfortable as the JamTee.

A close up of the Jambys Air JamTee.

The Air JamTee is basically see-through, so it’s great for hot sleepers who prefer lightweight materials.

Amir Ismael/Insider

At half the weight of the original JamTee, the Air JamTee is see-through — even in black. If you’re going for a lighter color, it’s worth keeping in mind that it will likely be more transparent than the black color. I really enjoyed wearing the Air JamTee during the summer as an alternative to lounging around the house shirtless, but I probably wouldn’t wear it outside as a normal T-shirt. 

I’ve washed and dried all three items several times and they’ve held up very well. My only gripe is how easily they wrinkle, but when it comes to lounging around at home, that’s the least of my concern.

Sally’s Review of Jambys

Woman with brown hair wearing green Jambys shorts.

Left: Sally wearing Jambys shorts and JamTee. Right: A closeup of the waist band for the Jamby shorts.

Sally Kaplanl/Insider

I’m a sucker for all things soft and cozy. I’ve tested pajamas and loungewear from tons of brands for my job, but Jambys might just top the list. Shorts are a hard type of loungewear/pajama bottom to get right because most styles made for women sit right at the butt cheek and most styles made for men are too long. The Jambys shorts are a perfect in-between length, and the ultra-stretchy elastic waistband doesn’t dig into my stomach, which is a huge turn-off with pajama shorts. 

The JamTee is equally comfortable and stretchy, perfect for lounging or sleeping. I recommend ordering a size up for extra coziness, though — I went with my regular size, and while it definitely fits me with some wiggle room, I tend to like that extra bit of roominess from an oversized fit.

Woman with brown hair wearing Jambys tan-colored joggers and oversized hoodie. The hoodie shows wrinkles after sleeping in it.

We both had similar experiences with the Jambys getting wrinkled after sleeping in them. Sally says the hoodie got the most wrinkled, but the pants, shorts, and T-shirts seemed to be fine.

Sally Kaplanl/Insider

As for the hoodie, I will say that I didn’t love the way it wrinkled. Sleeping is what caused the wrinkles in the photo above, but it wasn’t perfectly smooth after pulling it out of my drawers either. I think it’s just because there’s a lot of extra fabric around the stomach area to give it that oversized fit, but that also leaves a lot of opportunity for the material to scrunch up. 

The pants and long-sleeve shirt, however, are miraculously cozy. These are definitely going to be my go-tos for chilly fall and winter evenings.

Cons to consider

At $47 for the classic JamTee and $73 for Long Jambys, Jambys are relatively expensive. However, if you can afford to splurge, we believe it’s well worth the extra cost for high-quality loungewear. 

The other downside is that if you have a pet who loves to snuggle (specifically a cat with sharp claws), you can expect pulls or snags in the fabric. We found that Jambys don’t hold up to the wrath of our pets as well as sturdier cotton options.

The bottom line

By designing its clothing with as if they were performance gear, you get garments that are super durable and will likely never wear out if you’re only using them for lounging. That, paired with the comfort make Jambys one of the best loungewear brands we’ve tested.

Shop all styles from Jambys here.

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