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‘We’re hoping that our message gets to Tony and Suzy that they give us a call’


FREMONT, Mich. — The Fremont Police Department is continuing their efforts in searching for the whereabouts of the Cirigliano family: Anthony (Tony), Suzette, and their two boys, Noah and Brandon.

They’ve been missing since Monday, and might’ve left in their 2005 silver-colored Toyota Sienna minivan.

As of Friday, police received a few tips on their whereabouts.

“Early this morning around 6 o’clock we were contacted that the Cirgiliano’s on [October] 17th, late in the morning around 10:40 to 10:55 were at gas station in Gulliver, Michigan, which is right near Blaney Park, along US-2, which is on the south side of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula,” said Police Chief Tim Rodwell. “We’ve also done further investigation and our publicity has led us to know that the Cirigiliano family were in Iron Mountain from the [October] 17th to the 19th. So, at this point we’re feeling much better about their wellbeing.”

However, the goal he said is to locate their exact whereabouts and have them call family or police.

“All the cell phones are off. We have no avenue of easily resolving the situation. This is why we’re doing this campaign because this is so abnormal,” Chief Rodwell said. “The demonstration of that paranoia that you may have heard on that phone call really brings a lot of concern from the people that know Tony, Suzy, and the boys. And, they’re concern because this is extremely abnormal for them.”

Worries for the family began early Sunday morning October 16 just past midnight when Tony called police to their home, saying he had information on the 9/11 attacks. Police felt that he may have been undergoing a mental health episode. So they stayed for an hour and made sure everyone was ok, including the boys who are autistic. Then, they left.

Over 24 hours later police returned to the home after a neighbor called and said the elderly grandmother, who has dementia and lived with them, was seen walking away from the home. Police arrived and got her to safety.

Local extended family said it was abnormal behavior for Tony and Suzette to not be with the grandmother considering they watched her full-time.

However, it was at that time that police determined that the family was missing.

“Anytime we have a missing person and we have some sort of connection to a concern about someone’s mental health, we want to make sure that everybody’s safe,” Chief Rodwell said. “So, what we’ve done, we’ve worked with our partners in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the state police as well as the Sheriffs Office in Marquette and a couple of other locations, to try and do their best if they are able to locate Tony, Suzy, and the boys to check on their wellbeing.”

Chief Rodwell said the family names and information have been entered into a number of different databases. Police are checking possible credit card and/or debit card activity.

They’re hoping the public will continue to contact officials if they have information on the Cirigiliano’s whereabouts.

“We’re hoping that our message gets out to Tony and Suzy that they give us a call,” Chief Rodwell said.

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