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Quik.com is offering multiple blockchain domains that allow you to host a decentralized website on the decentralized web or change the heft-long wallet address with an easy to remember trendy wallet name.

These domains allow users to exercise control authority over the censorship or the data, which is usually controlled by the centralized authority on the web2. This feature distinguishes the blockchain domains from the decentralized web.

Emerging technological advancements have created a virtual futuristic space wherein users are keen to explore the inventions and innovations that are upgrading technology. Digital assets and collectibles have been the most demanding features of this era, evolving from cryptocurrency with the introduction of NFTs and the metaverse.

The metaverse has created a major buzz with its utilization of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Using digital wallets is a must for every user to land or complete a transaction based on digital values. It becomes easier for users to exchange transactions if the wallet has a comfortable and easy-to-remember name that collaborates with these NFT domains.

This will allow users to have a smooth and safe transaction with a creative name that also resembles the feature held inside that wallet. The major feature these domains obtain is the decentralized website hosting mechanism. That allows users to host websites on the evolving web and its technology.

The traditional web and its traditional domains might be purchased by the user and allow the user to create a website they desire. But these domains apply to censorship that prevents them from creating or updating content not acceptable to the controlling authority.

These domains operate according to the ICANN regulatory system that owns the data and identity of the users using the web. This creates a centralized environment where even though the user is paying, the owner is still not the rightful owner of the website or the data it contains.

If the ICANN regulatory decides to remove a specific website, it can easily remove the owner’s access, which directly replicates the authority it has over your data. To create an ICANN-free environment, the decentralized web contributes the most.

Its decentralized nature lets the user and the developer create or host a website using blockchain distributable technology, which does not include any third-party control or intervention and allows absolute authority for the creators, and also lets the developers transfer the ownership to the rightful owners.

Make sure you have minted your NFT domain from the variety of TLDs available in the Quik ecosystem. This will eventually boost your web3 presence and also let you have the most trending blockchain domain.

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