What Celebrities Have Said About Wearing Daring Fashion


Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, was “pretty chill” when asked to wear a see-through shirt during her first fashion show.

Kendall Jenner walks the runway during a Marc Jacobs fashion show on February 13, 2014.

Kendall Jenner walks a Marc Jacobs runway on February 13, 2014.

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She wore a sheer, V-neck top on a Marc Jacobs runway in 2014. The model also donned brown trousers, matching tights, and ankle boots.

Jenner reflected on the look while speaking with Vogue in 2022, saying she “actually could not believe” she was featured on the runway. Still, she said she wasn’t nervous.

“I was pretty chill — even though my boobies were out,” she joked.

Jenner, who had just turned 18 ahead of the show, said she remembers getting a call from her agent who relayed the message that Jacobs wanted her to wear a sheer top.

“I was like, ‘I’m game. Like I don’t mind. I’m all good with the nipple,'” she said. “It didn’t make me any more nervous. I genuinely was just like, ‘Dope. Whatever they want. It’s their vision, so let’s do it.’ I was completely comfortable.”

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