What You Should Never Buy on a Cruise, According to Frequent Cruiser

Balcony staterooms come with too many caveats to justify the higher price, so I opt for staterooms with portholes instead.

child laying down in cruise porthole

My family prefers a porthole stateroom to a balcony stateroom.

Amanda Adler

It may be a divisive opinion, but I don’t think balcony rooms are worth the extra money. 

I’ve found that balcony seating is rarely as spacious as the lounge chairs elsewhere on the ship. If your party is larger than two people, you probably won’t have enough room for everyone to comfortably enjoy the space together.

But the lack of space is just one of my gripes with balcony staterooms.

A significant amount of light can intrude into your room in the morning, and at times, cigarette smoke and noise from surrounding balconies can feel inescapable. Plus, leaving the balcony door open can lead to a wind tunnel in your stateroom.

To me, the high cost of these accommodations doesn’t seem worth it. Save your money and book a stateroom with a sizeable porthole instead. This accommodation offers all the sightseeing you need, with a lot more privacy. 

Besides, the ship has plenty to explore, so get out of your room and enjoy everything your cruise has to offer.

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