Wisconsin Parade Attack Suspect Built Box Tower During Trial to Hide


  • The Wisconsin parade attack suspect tried to hide from the court camera by building a fort of boxes.
  • The man could be seen in footage stacking cardboard filing boxes on top of each other.
  • Monday’s antics are the latest to cause some sort of disruption throughout his trial. 

The man accused of killing six people by plowing an SUV into a Wisconsin Christmas parade last year tried to hide from cameras during his trial on Monday by building a fort out of boxes. 

According to courtroom footage published by Law & Crime Network, the Wisconsin parade attack suspect can be seen stacking two cardboard filing boxes in front of his seat in a Waukesha Circuit Courtroom. He did so as Waukesha Circuit Court Judge Jennifer Dorow reviewed jury instructions in an adjacent room.

Though he manages to cover his face with the two boxes — with an additional third box on the desk — video footage shows the top of his head sticking out over the makeshift fort.

The suspect “is requesting to go back to his cell at this point,” Dorow said in the hearing. “I’m going to go ahead and deny this request. He can remain in the other courtroom.”

She later said: “I know he’s muted, but I can certainly hear him from this side. He appears to be yelling at the top of his lungs. I can’t decipher what he’s yelling.”

Monday’s antics are the latest from the suspect, who faces 77 criminal counts — including six for first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the deadly attack in Waukesha on November 21, 2021.

Throughout his trial, the suspect — who is defending himself — has repeatedly been disruptive, even leading to him being tossed from the courtroom.

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